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 You're Doing Better than You Know {& HERE'S WHY} ( $44 Value)
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 The 12 Zodiac Placements for Raising Royalty ( $123.45 Value)
 The 12 Houses for Raising Royalty ( $44 Value)
 Aspects Basics + The Big 3 for Raising Royalty ($44 Value)
 Strong Connections to your Young Kings and Queens ($44 Value)
 The Big 3 Worksheet for Young Kings and Queens ($44 Value)
 BONUS: Connecting to YOUR Inner Child ($44 Value)
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 Working with Naomi was incredibly validating. There were things I always knew about myself and my son, but I either doubted my intuition or thought that if I just worked harder, I could overcome them.

I have always felt that I can't push him, and sometimes I have felt guilty because conventional parenting teaches us things like, "They'll eat what's put in front of them if they get hungry enough." Now, when I'm tempted to just push whatever I want on him, I remember, "Lots of air" and find a way to influence him in a more gentle way. "

— TINA B. in Utah
 Naomi Fox is a gem! After speaking with her the first time I could tell she was very intuitive and would help me better understand myself through Star Charting and her gift of intuition. She is genuine and has provided me some insight into how to improve and adjust my view of how to manage challenges that may arise in my personal and professional life.

Worth it’s weight in Moonstones!  ☮️, ❤️, and Stardust! ✨ 

— JANEEN H. in Texas

 I'm very grateful to Naomi and impressed by her compassionate, light-filled work. She works to brighten each of us in her short interactions with us and I love that. 

Thank you, Naomi. May anyone who needs you, find you."

— MICHELLE E. in Utah
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